Let us introduce you to our window accessory offer. In our offer you can find a large selection of interior end external windowsills, vents, roller shutters, blinds and awnings designed for windows from our offer.


Window vents

A proper level of moisture and air circulation affects on a sense comfort in a room. We distinguish several types of window vents, that differ from each other by the method of working:

  • hygrocontrolled vents – automatic. These devices automatically set a value of the air stream, which depends on a percantage content of a steam in a room (comparative moisture);
  • pressure vents (autoregulating) – the volume of an air delivered to a room depends on a disparity between indoor and outdoor pressure
  • manually operated vents – the volume of an air delivered to a room depends on the action of a user, who manually regulates throttle's position of a vent.




We offer interior windowsills made of:

  • agglomarble;
  • conglomerate;
  • marble;
  • wood;
  • MDF;
  • PVC;
  • postforming;



and external steel windowsills.


Interior roller shutters

Textile blinds are nowadays one of the most popular solution for blinding a window. It is a suplement or an alternative for traditional window decoration methods, such as hangings and curtains

Textile blinds and roman blinds owe their popularity due to a profitable proportion between a low price and high aesthetics of a room decorated with roler blinds.