For those who value a classic look, traditional stylistics and natural features of household decoration, we offer wood windows. Wood is a unique material that allows to design unlimited number of construction combinations (large sizes, unrestricted shapes), additional elements (georgian bars, molding, etc.) and original reconstruction of antique elements in objects such as churches, museums, old towns. We offer windows equipped with stylish decoration elements, that could be requested by a conservator during a joinery replacements in antique buildings.

Wood window's width is available in the range of 68-92mm. The material used in production process is a timber:
- pine – solid and a plywood,
- oak – solid and a plywood,
- meranti.
Each profile is chemicaly protected from hostile bacterias and insects. We offer a wide range of colors: cover painting, transparent painting that shows the structure of a wood.

In our offer you can also find traditional, double windows.

Examplary window profiles:

fot: Stolbud Włoszczowa S.A.

Window shutters provides a quiant look of a building's facade, in addition they protect from precipitations and other atmospheric effects: sunlight in a summer, energy loss in a winter. Thanks to a possibility of installing additional fittings, they also increase safety of a household.