We offer Refleksol shading system that can be adjusted to internal and external installation and is dedicated to the rooms overly exposed to insolation. External shading system helps to keep constant and comfortable temperature in rooms exposed to solar radiation. Simultaneous intallation of Refleksol internal roller blinds enables reducing of air-conditioning and, as consequence, buiilding operating costs.

Fabrics used in ase of those roller blinds guarantee an effective optical barrier to the light coming into the room and eliminate contrasts still preserving good visibility of the exterior. Mounting the Refleksol inside the building can create even a complete black-out effect, e.g. in cinemas or lecture halls.

Available colour pallet and a rich offer of fabrics allow to adjust the construction to requirements and needs of individual clients and architects.

Technical details:

  • max. width (of 1 module): 4,50 m,
  • max. height: 4,25 m,
  • manual or automatic operating
  • cassettes dedicated to concealed under plaster, niche or facade installation