Venetian blinds grants an interesting and modern character to a facade. Their main functions are:

  • shading for window gaps, facades and other big-sized glazings,
  • protecting rooms from overheating,
  • protecting rooms' furnishings and equipment from fading

A suitable level of shading could be set by regulating tilt angle of venetian blind's shadng lamels.

Venetian blinds are produced in two shapes of the lamels:

  • C80: "C"-shaped, width: 80 mm - smooth shape of the lamels, profile with bended sheets guarantees higher mechanical endurance
  • Z90: "Z"-shaped, width: 90 mm - closing lamels noise is muted by the profile shape, also Z-shaped blinds provides higher level of darkening.

The offer's wide range of blinds, modularity of the product, an interesting shape and available palette of colors provide aesthetic look. In addition, possibility of chosing a propulsion system and auto-weather system increase the functionality of venetian blinds.