About company

Gdańskie Centrum Okienne has been shaping its experience in the construction industry since the 90s in the field of design and execution with a branch profile, i.e. metalwork and joinery, including: aluminum facades, ventilated facades, window and door joinery in complete solutions. The secret of the success of the implemented investment tasks is reliability, experience, punctuality and innovation in execution.

The company was established with the client and the client in mind.

We have the necessary experience and technical potential to meet the investor's requirements and expectations. We are prepared to fully fulfill each entrusted task. We focus only on proven high-quality products, which, combined with professional workmanship, distinguishes us.

We carry out our projects throughout the country.
We have completed many different investment tasks, including those with specific conditions and preferences, which we can boast of.

We are a member of the Polish Association of Woodwork Distributors and Fitters.