Diffusers, window sills, internal blinds

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of window accessories. You will find here a wide selection of internal and external window sills, roller blinds, pleats and diffusers for the offered windows.

Window diffusers

The right level of humidity and adequate air circulation in the building are factors that translate into the comfort of the air in the room. Window diffusers are divided into several types, which differ mainly in the type of operation. We distinguish among others:

  • humidity controlled diffusers - working automatically. The same devices determine the size of the air flow stream, which is strictly dependent on the water vapor content in the room (relative humidity);
  • pressure diffusers (self-regulating) - the amount of air supplied to the room depends on the pressure differences inside and outside the room;
  • manually controlled diffusers - the amount of air supplied is decided by the user himself, by manually changing the position of the air inlet damper.

Window sills

Our offer includes internal window sills made of:

  • agglomarble;
  • conglomerate;
  • marble;
  • wood;
  • MDF;
  • PVC;
  • postforming;

and external steel window sills.

Internal blinds

Fabric blinds are currently one of the most popular window cover options. It is a supplement, and often a great alternative to traditional methods of window decorations such as curtains or curtains.

The popularity of fabric and Roman blinds can be explained by a very good ratio of low price to high aesthetics of the room decorated with blinds.